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Bidding & Scheduling

  • Once we have been called, we will add your project to our schedule for measuring & inspection.

  • As long as we have roof access and pets are either inside or behind a gate, no one needs to be present. We will place a ladder against the eave in the safest area we can find and enter the roof.

  •  Taking measurements can take up to an hour depending on the slope and scale of the roof. Most homes average between 15-25 minutes. 

  • Photo's will be taken if we discover any roof damages, or failures in the current system. 

  • After take-offs are completed, we generate a proposal for the work to be done. The contracts can be mailed, delivered in person or emailed. After we have sent off our bid package we fallow up a few days later to answer any questions or address any concerns. 

  • If our contract is accepted we will add your project to our schedule. You can track your project on our schedule by visiting out schedule calendar here on our web site. Our schedule is always changing so your project may be moved several times by a few days or so. Sometimes it will be moved up, while at other times your project may be delayed. We suffer delays due to many reasons outside our control. Weather is always a factor. The threat of rain can often times cause us to approach our currently projects with slow progress due to extreme caution. Heat is another factor that despite the will of our crewmen to endure, the sun takes it's toll on our progress. Discoveries of issues that add time to a job as well as break downs to deliveries scheduling all play their part in our ever evolving schedule. 

Starting your Project

  • We will make all necessary arrangements with you from color selection to parking. Upon starting we will begin by setting up the site. Protecting your property is one of our highest concerns and will do everything we can to insure that nothing is damaged. 

  • We typically begin by removing the existing roofing along the ridges, we then prep the deck and dry those areas in. These areas are where our supplier will stack the bundles. If we can prep the ridges for delivery and still have time to begin removing other roof areas we will do so. This isn't always the case and sometimes our logistics change due to delivery availability of our supplier. 

During the Project

  • If your project is a re-roof we will begin your project by removing the existing roof. We fallow the same formula year round. We remove only what we can dry in per day.

  • Our clean up strategy is always the same, clean the roof of all dust and debris, pull nails, clean gutters and then move to the ground cleanup. We thoroughly clean up all debris around the building. We run magnets to reclaim lost fasteners, and nitpick every piece of debris regardless of size. 

  • The only dry in method that we use is a strict adherence to industry standards. We never relay on tarps as the primary drying in method over night. We may use tarps over what we have dried in so that we can pull tarps off the roof that have accumulated any overnight snowfall or ice. This gives us a nice dry roof the next day. 

  • If your project is a new construction we begin with the drying in stages so that the progress inside can continue, such as electrical or any other stages that require the building to be dried in. 

  • Noise will be a factor during the project, from tearing off to installing the new roof, the whole process is noisy. 

  • At the end of the day all trash will be hauled away. The job site will be left clean and the roof will be neatly dried in. You may see some material on the roof, other material items may be stored out of the way in a safe and secure place on the ground. Tools will not be left on your project, we believe that tools on a roof out in view are just a temptation for thieves. All of our tools are packed up and taken with us at the end of every day. 

  1. We will maintain a clean and safe job site. We understand that our job site is your home or place of business. 

  2. We will take every precaution to protect your property. 

  3. We will store all tools and materials so that they do not present a hazard.

  4. All debris and materials will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day. Debris left until the end of the job pose a liability to the building owner if any passer by's sustained injury.

  5. We will fallow all manufacture specs and local building codes. 

  6. We will acquire all necessary building permits. 

  7. All of our employees pay into workers comp. The liability of injuries of our employees is solely on us. (Building owner is sole contractor if contractor's employees do not pay into workers comp and become liable for injuries on the job.)

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