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     Many who seek out greater professions and opportunities often apply to trade schools. This requires the individual to hold down a job to pay for cost of living and schooling. It is often too challenging for many to hold down a job while working their way through school. many who decide to apply at a trade school are seeking trade skills that many others are also seeking. This means that the competition to obtain a job from local business becomes challenging.  


  What if there's a better way? 

     We offer a path where you can skip the paying for the education portion, skip the competing for the job process, skip the daily struggles of paying to live and learn. After two years of trade school you could have made around $40K for those two jobs starting out and not only would you have the two years of education under your belt, but the experience that those coming out of trade school wouldn't  yet have. 

     Will trade school help you get a higher paying job?

     It depends! It truly comes down to the available opportunities in our area. If you have a sure thing here or elsewhere then go for it! Otherwise you could find your self looking for a job openings that many who have come before you have already taken and won't let go of. 


     Win now, win later! 

     By applying for a job with us you can win now by learning a trade and getting paid for it No working all day and studying all night and on weekends. No tests to cram for no books to buy. You can get a head start on life today and begin paving your new path. You can learn the tricks of the trade and the coveted trade secrets that will stay with you for the rest of your life! 

     Apply to day and learn of our employee perks. 

0-4 Years Experience: Apprentice Wages starting    @ $ 14.00

5 Years + :   Journeyman Wages Starting @ To be determined

Labor Positions availability


Foreman:             Filled

1. Labor/Installer: Filled

2. Labor/Installer: Filled

3. Labor/Installer: Filled

Don't forget to check back often to see if new positions have opened up

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