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What to Expect

 Labor is hard work! You're going to get sweaty, dirty and tired. You're going to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter because we work all year round. Tools and materials are heavy and need to be moved a lot so if you're weak in strength now you'll grow stronger with time. We work on heights and slopes for 8 hours a day. Labor isn't for the weak of mind and body, it's for strong and the tough. 

What we Expect

We expect our employees to come to work every single day on time. After 40 years we haven't adopted the 4 day plan! We expect excellence in professionalism from all of our employees who represent us, from appearance to craftsmanship. We expect our employees to have a good positive attitude towards the job, customer and fellow employees. We expect that our employee's will fallow all of our safety regulations and adopt all of our roofing methods and practices. Those who come to work for us and try to change our operations methods or are demanding will quickly find them selves unemployed. We expect the old and the young to be led by the people that we have trusted in leadership positions. We expect all of our employee's to care not only about the work they are doing, but for the customer and the well being of the business.


What we won't Endure


Our employees must command a respectable home life, we need people who are always on time for work, not always in trouble with the law. We do not pay under the table, this is non-negotiable. Random drug testing is conducted.

  • A slow one gear only work rate. 

  • A poor attitude.

  • The constant desire to go home.

  • Not coming into work or arriving late.

  • Drug abuse.

  • Domestic issues or breaking the law.

  • Not caring about the job, tools, customer, customer property or the business that is employing you.

  • Job site instigator of mutiny, strife, bad mouthing, complaining, advertising job opportunities elsewhere.

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